Event Fees

Adults(18+): $8.00
Children:(6-17) $6.00
5  & Under Free
Family Max: $24.00


There will be a $5.00 Non-member service charge that will apply. 
Please make checks payable to SCA Inc./Barony of Namron

ACCEPS credit card payment will be available shortly.

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Event Stewards: Lady Alicia Blackdragon & Lord Alexander Marcellus
                               Stacy Cullum                               Clint Cullum
                               hotclady@gmail.com                      clintmcullum@gmail.com
                               405-420-8271                               405-694-0667
                               908 SE 71st                                  908 SE 71st
                               Oklahoma City, OK 73149               Oklahoma City, OK 73149
For Lyst Field Reservations please contact the Land Steward:
                                                                                                         Lord Xavier