Event Schedule

 Day  Time  What  Where
 Friday  4:00 PM  
 Gate Opens
 Friday     8:30 PM
 Armor Inspection for Torch Light Tournament Begins
 Lyst Field
 Friday  10:00 PM
 Torch light Tournament  Lyst Field
 Saturday    2:00 AM    Gate Closes
 Saturday    6:00 AM  Gate Opens  Gate
 Saturday 8:00 AM
 Armor Inspections
 both Heavy and Light
 Lyst Field
Saturday  8:00 AM
Tavern to Open  
9:30 AM
Morning Court
 Lyst Field
 Saturday To follow court Presentation of Consorts
 Lyst Field
 Saturday     To follow Presentation Protectorate Champion
 Lyst Field
  Saturday 11:30 AM
Noble's Lunchon
  Saturday  2:00 PM
Rapier Champion
 Lyst Field
 Saturday  4:00 PM
Gate Closes
Saturday        5:00 PM Prepare for Feast
6:30 PM
 Feast to Begin
 The Hall
 Saturday Following Feast  Evening court
 Saturday   Following Court  Hafla  Pavilion Area
 Sunday      9:00 AM
 Clean UP  
 Sunday  Noon  Site Closes
Disclaimer:  All posted times are on SCA Ansteorran time and may be adjusted as needed.