Rapier Champion

The Barony of Namron's rapier champion will be selected by way of a standard round robin swiss five tournament. Five rounds will be fought, each dedicated to a different fighting style. All entrants will be required to fight in all 5 rounds. Competitors are required to fight by inspiration and for the honor of a Consort, and to present them to His Excellency.  Exceptions can be made if the Consort is unable to attend the event. 

Pairings will be determined by the lyst mistress. Each round will be fought in the following manner:

First Round - Single Rapier
Second Round - Single Rapier and Hard Parry
Third Round - Single Rapier and Dagger
Fourth Round - Single Rapier and Soft Parry
Fifth Round - Case of rapiers

The one, having fought honorably, with the greater number of wins shall, at the Baron's pleasure, be declared the Barony's Rapier Champion. If there should be two or more fighters with an equal number of wins greater than all others, those fighters will fight round robin until a champion is determined.
Presentation of Consorts will begin when armor inspection begins with a brief pause for Morning Court.

Past Champions

Take a look at the Past Rapier Champions of Namron!
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